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Sent me two phones

I just re-contracted and chose a Galaxy S8 for my new handset but for some reason Optus sent me two phones which appear to be on two separate consignments from the courier. I only signed for one of them but he gave me two??? Anyway, as much as I'd love a free phone I can't find an email address for Optus to tell them to come and pick it up. I don't have the time nor the patience to mess around on the phone with them as they gave me no end to grief trying to do the new contract to start with. So Optus, if you want the extra handset back this is my reasonable attempt at contacting you to arrange a return. Please provide an email address so we can arrange you to come and collect it (no, i'm not going to the post office).

Re: Sent me two phones


I'll flag your thread so a Optus Rep can take a look.. 

Cheers Dave
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Re: Sent me two phones


Hey AdamTee, sorry for this bizarre issue. We can definitely organise for a satchel to be sent out to you. Please click here to send through your name, DOB and account number. Thanks!

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