Security msg changed Voicemail pin


Hi, just wondering if anyone has received random optus msg saying for security reasons we reset your voicemail pin. 


Do you know why I would have received this? Has someone tried to access my voicemail or is it just a routine thing 

Re: Security msg changed Voicemail pin


In 10 years of having an Optus mobile service I have never had this happen to me.

I would suggest manually changing your voicemail PIN so you know it's secure.


Loyal Optus customer. My opinions are my own.

Re: Security msg changed Voicemail pin


I’ve had this exact same message 3 times randomly too and was wondering the same thing as I have a nasty vindictive ex wife, so I too would like to know why I keep receiving this message? Is it random or because someone is trying to access my voicemail?


personally I think visual voicemail like I used to get with Vodafone is a far better option, but Optus doesn’t support that. That way you don’t have to worry about dialing in to get your messages. 

Re: Security msg changed Voicemail pin


I went into my Optus account today to change my postal address as we've moved interstate - and what a PITA the new website seems to be, you change one thing and then it stops you from updating/changing anything else at the same time - AND it took 3 attempts to get the new address to save on my account!  Anyway ... after logging out of my account, I received the SMS about my voicemail PIN being reset "for your security", so I don't know whether it's random or for some reason changing my address has triggered the system to reset my PIN?  

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