Re: Scammed by Jamster/OPTUS and Furious!!


That’s good news! They really are rogues and Optus should not have anything to do with them!

Re: Scammed by Jamster/OPTUS and Furious!!

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The problem IMO is just one word in the press release. CERTAIN. Unlike the dictionary definition, Optus have used this word to provide anything but certainty. Is Mia Sphere live included? Jamster? Some other corporate version of these companies? 


It still feels like Optus is just being dragged towards doing the right thing by their customers. Not how it should be IMO.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Scammed by Jamster/OPTUS and Furious!!


Believe me; I'd love to be able to reduce the level of uncertainty/ambiguity. I don't want to go out on a limb and confirm the exact content providers that we'll be suspending but I know that we did suspend MIA Sphere for a period of time last year. You'd know firsthand the number of complaints we receive for this particular provider.


It might be a case of not naming names until the change goes through on the 31st.


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Re: Scammed by Jamster/OPTUS and Furious!!


Being dragged towards doing the right thing is precisely what it feels like @petergdownload..


maybe also shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted.


Which is precisely why overseas companies are able to walk into Australia through the front door and feast on the rich buffet of customers that want better. **cough** Vodafone.. there I said it..


the next feeding frenzy will be by Amazon. Australian online retail has no idea what is about to hit it.

Re: Scammed by Jamster/OPTUS and Furious!!


Hey Guys,


Have been a long term customer with optus internet and home phone.


However, just signed up to optus mobile and within 2 weeks receive scammer messages of been signed up.


I was told by customer service I signed up to jamster; I have not visited or received any services from them. The only services I use is Spotify and that’s free with my plan.


anyway long story short they believe Jamster and not me.

stating when I signed up to iTunes I used my mobile, I did not. These devices don’t require those details if you don’t purchase.


Called them I hope to receive my money back and nothing like this in the future. I have not received anything like this from my past service providers vaya or Vodafone.


Re: Scammed by Jamster/OPTUS and Furious!!


Hey @Samsams


Optus are legally obligated to 'believe' Jamster and apply the charge. You seem to be unlucky as Optus started blocking these scammers by default one week ago. Did you transfer your existing number? Possibly the old owner got pinged by Jamster.


Anyway, Optus will generally recredit the amounts on request. You can hit an un informed customer service person, but just contact again, request Optus refute the charges and you should be sorted. (Send STOP to the SMS number first if you have one)




Peter Gillespie

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