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New Contributor Caitlin2018
New Contributor

Samsung speaker broken

Hi my samsung 7s speaker has stopped working. I can use my phone for audio and phone calls using my earphones. 


I have insurance. Will i still need to pay the excess fee? It was not accidental breakage it just happened yesterday when i was on the phone.




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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Samsung speaker broken

Insurance is just a specific contract for specific remedies. Doesn't matter how the phone was busted you will still need to pay the excess. I suspect you'll probably find it more convenient (plus cheaper and quicker) to get the speaker fixed at your local repair spot. But its always good to have the option.


If the phone is still under Optus warranty they will do it for free. 

A third option is that if the phone is less than a few years old then you have statutory consumer rights that ensure the phone must be of merchantable quality. Optus should repair the speaker for free but it can be hard getting companies to abide by these rights.


Peter Gillespie

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