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Samsung note 4 wont turn on


Have a Samsung note 4 it died a few weeks ago optus replaced it so i now have a new one... The new ph wont turn on this happened 3 days ago it went  flat  i put it on charge and nothing the samsung logo came up after a while then dissappeared its flashing a dark blue then light blue... i waited nothing... so i left it on charge for a bit... then unplugged charger pulled phone apart and put together and bam it worked. well i tried that tonight when it stopped working and n nothing then the battery popped up told me it was 94% the samsung logo came on the screen it started flashing blue then light blue again and nothing on the screen im currently doing a factory reset but ggggrrrr im not doing this every 2nd day

Re: Samsung note 4 wont turn on


That's not good to hear Sezy and I strongly recommend to have it sent off again as this definitely doesn't sound normal Smiley Sad Just drop it off at your local store and let them know it's still experiencing issues.

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