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Samsung mobile email app not synchronizing

My Samsung Galaxy S7 default email app stopped working since 31/03/2020 06:42. Prior to this time, it has been working perfectly fine ever since. Yesterday (01/04/2020) I have asked help via Samsung online live chat with given permission of remote control by the technician. We spent 78 minutes trying various ways but no luck. When I attempt to add email back (after deleting email from the app), the error message is "couldn't verify account". This is weird because I use same email and password for webmail and it works perfectly fine. I have also, for time being, download a different email app and it's working fine too. So it is not wifi or internet connection issue. I am wondering if there is system glitches between Optus and Samsung email app. The glitches could be either Optus or Samsung or even both. Is that the synchronizing software between Optus and Samsung not talking to each other?

I have also asked help via My Optus Messaging app technical issues today (02/04/2020). No luck from the guy anyway, other than giving me a link to

I am now catching 22 and getting nowhere.

Has anyone got similar issue? Any hints to fix the problem?

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