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Samsung S8 issues since March 2019 update

Hi everyone!  I have found that since the last big update, my Samsung Galaxy S8 has had a number of issues.  I've done some research but they appear to be overseas responses and I can't seem to make their fixes work.  I have shut down and restarted several times but no improvement.


My main issues are:


*  Horrendous battery drain - I haven't changed any of my settings or the way I used my phone, and by 10am my battery which was at 100% at 6:30am is at 50-60%.  This is really unusual

*  My internet / google search - you type into google what you want, click search and then - - - - nothing - - --  the search words stay there, no indication it as done anything or registered the touch of the search

*  Battery saver option has disappeared - I used this frequently, especially when I knew I wouldn't be near a charge for some time - this option has completely disappeared from my drag down options at the top of the phone

*  Lagging - I touch on an app, nothing happens - this will go on for some time and eventually it may work, otherwise I give up and move on with my life lol!

* I swipe across to move between screens on my homescreen but instead of going left or right, it comes up with a search box and a list of my frequently used apps


I am sure there are other things that I have ignored but these are the things that happen often enough for me to try find a solution through this forum.   I really really want to avoid a factory reset if I can. Thanks so much in advance for any help!


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Re: Samsung S8 issues since March 2019 update

It is possible that your S8 with a recent update is chewing more battery but the fact that settings "have disappeared", your best bet sadly will be a factory reset. It's going to suck yes, but it will make sure that during the upgrade of the software there wasn't a bug that got caught behind.

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