Samsung S8+ $55 plan DISAPPOINTMENT


Anyone waiting on the SAMSUNG S8+  on the $55 plan, BAD NEWS, I ordered on the 20th of Nov and was just advised that the phone is now end of line and Optus WILL NOT be getting any new stock. I had to cancel my order with no compensation offered as Optus say its not their fault...... Perhaps it was Santas Elves fault for not making enough????... I was advised the $55 plan is no longer available and no discount or anything can be offered for messing you around.

If you go to online chat and ask about your order they will say they are waiting on stock and leave it at that (last 2 times i did this), If you push them for an ETA they will then advise you the item is out of stock and wont be re filled and that you need to cancel. They are very sorry about the total mess up but like i said they will take no responcability for you waiting for weeks, ordering covers, chargers and screen protectors for the phone they said they can supply and then couldnt. 

Merry Chrismas Optus thanks for that......

Re: Samsung S8+ $55 plan DISAPPOINTMENT


I feel your pain. I ordered one on the 11th November. Only found out 2 days ago that they arn't getting any more and have to cancel my order - and i was the one who had to chase that up. Waited for over a month with no contact. I saw another post about a guy in the same position who ordered one on the 4th december. I ordered mine over a month ago so obviousely their online stock avaliability display wasn't in a transition period which is their excuse. They have been selling a product for over 4 weeks with no intention of ordering any more. I even bought phone cases, screen protectors and other accessories on ebay but can't use them now. I'll be going to Telstra. They have the S9 for $69/month so that'll have to do. I suggest you make a formal complaint too. 

Re: Samsung S8+ $55 plan DISAPPOINTMENT


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Go buy an S8+. Personally I recommend a refurbished one from a good dealer (I found Tech Direct excellent). Cost is $550.


Match it up with the Optus 80Gb 12 month SIM only plan for $41 a month. After 12 months you're ahead.


Peter Gillespie


Re: Samsung S8+ $55 plan DISAPPOINTMENT


I know your pain. I ordered my S8plus on 15th Nov and only found out 2 days ago that it is no longer available. I too had purchased protective case and glass in readiness. Waste of time money and effort. After being frigged around and now ordering an S8 I still don't have an order number... only a reference number which won't do anything. How do I find out if my order will be filled. The idiot that I finally spoke with has guaranteed me that the S8 is definitely in stock. Well I  am 2 days down out of the 1 to 3 days for delivery and still don't know if it will be delivered or when.

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