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New Contributor
New Contributor

Samsung S205G cant receive MMS

Just wondering if anyone else has the same problem. Purchased a new Samsung S20 5G about a month ago. Have had hit and miss issues with receiving MMS's. Generally if I restart the phone I get 1 then it goes back to a message saying downloading and never downloads (unless I restart the phone again, which is a pain in the arse). Ive gone through the steps on the Optus website to reset and add the VPN network (which is already there anyway and it still doesn't work). Have spoken to Brody @ 133937 and he has passed the buck due to Corona Virus and the fact that its not Optus's fault that they sell me a dodgy phone. Not happy Jan! Who's responsibility is it when I've been sold a phone that doesn't do what it's supposed to? and is Optus doing anything to rectify this problem. I know there are other issues in the world atm but I bought a new phone for my business and receiving MMS's is part of that and its really annoying that it doesn't work.

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