Samsung Galaxy S8 not delivered (2 months)


Hi Team, I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S8 on May 17th, and I think it has exceeded the 4-5 business days delivery that was promised.


I received an order confirmation the next day, May 18th, and waited until May 29th to finally follow up. I was told someone was "personally looking into it." Jump to June 12th for call number two. again, someone would "personally look into it."


When I called a third time, on June 18th, I was told to contact StarTrack to chase it up myself. So, I called StarTrack who informed me that only Optus can request an investigation. So *sigh* I called Optus, told them this, and was informed that they have launched an investigation. Great, right?

No. After still not hearing anything back I called Optus again on July 4th to be told someone would "personally look into it."


Tracking shows that the phone arrived at Brisbane airport for processing on May 21st.

The only people who have followed up since are StarTrack who called to ask something along the lines of "Have Optus REALLY not sorted this out yet?"

This is madness. What can I do? 

Re: Samsung Galaxy S8 not delivered (2 months)

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Short of an Optus staff member taking up this issue I would be on the phone demanding an explanation. Nothing worse than being stuffed around waiting for a delivery. Hold them accountable by getting names, staff id numbers, reference numbers and such.

Re: Samsung Galaxy S8 not delivered (2 months)


Thanks Yeldarb, I appreciate the reply. I do have some names and reference numbers but it doesn't seem to make a difference. 

Re: Samsung Galaxy S8 not delivered (2 months)


I can sympathise with you as I know what it’s like. Persistence is the only thing that seems to work with Optus and a good bottle of scotch for when your nerves are completely shot.

Re: Samsung Galaxy S8 not delivered (2 months)


@NomDegurre, by the sounds of things, it looks like the handset has been lost in transit. 


If you did want to continue with the order, we'll need to log a rekey order request. 


Can you send us PM with your order details? I'll need your full name, DOB and mobile number.


If you were given any reference numbers in relation to the investigation with Star Track, please send them through to →




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