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I preordered my S10 yesterday. I was simply wondering how long it'll take to be delivered to my doorstep once its out. Also will the plan for my previous phone stop? Was it possible for me to customize my earbuds when I preordered it? Once I get my new phone, will the previous plan stop and how will I pay the bills for the new phone. Does it automatically stop the bills for my previous plan and use the info used for the previous phone to start billing for my new phone? I know I have a lot of questions and are repetitive but please answer if possible. I'm kinda new to this stuff and I like to get used to it. Thank you for your support.

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Lots and definitely pront to repeat yourselfSmiley Happy


However its a new phone, so what's not to get excited about?


As you had an old phone with Optus you will have an Optus account. The new phone will simply be listed as another phone under that account.


WHat's not clear if you have purchased a new phone or a new plan+phone. If its just the phone then you will take your SIM out of the old phone and put it in the new phone.


If its a whole new plan then you will likely get a new SIM. In this case you will need to activate the SIM under the new plan (instructions on how included). You will generally need to cancel your old plan however if you ported your mobile number across this two is likely to happen automatically.) - just contact live chat after a week and double check its shut down.


As to the delivery, its one of the unknowns. Can take a long time sometimes as others are buying them in the stores to your annoyance. However for most mobiles it should arrive on the day of release or the next one or two.


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One was missed. which i am also interested in...


Was it possible for me to customize my earbuds when I preordered it?



I think what he is asking is can we request a colour? as i rather not get yellow.... anything but yellow....

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The Galaxy Buds are a promotion being offered by Samsung not Optus. According to the terms and conditions found in the promotional paperwork it states that eligible entrants (anyone who pre-orders the product from any retailer) will receive model number SM-R170NZWAXSA as a gift. So the only colour on offer will be White. Heres the link if your interested:$O...
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