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Samsung Galaxy S10 upgrade.



I have an offer to upgrade my plan as follows.


You're eligible to upgrade your SIM Only service (my number) early to a 24M phone plan with no cancellation fees. Now's the perfect time for a new Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB for $84/mth with 100GB data at Min. cost $2,016. Offer avail until withdrawn.


I was wondering if I am able to get this but lower the $84/month by having less GBs of data?


Actually sceptical of the offer but mad keen for the S10 (currently on a dying S5).


Thank you.


Re: Samsung Galaxy S10 upgrade.


Hi there,

Those decisions aren't made here. We'd suggesting visiting  and a pop up should appear to Chat with Sales and you can ask from there.

Taking a look at the page, the deal you have been offered for that handset is likely the one, the lower offer is $79 ($45 plan + $34 phone) comes with 4GB. Plans are set to what is available at the time.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S10 upgrade.

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How many months do you have left on your contract? What is its current terms?


Peter Gillespie

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