Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Pre-order

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Pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 4G/5G models are available now.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 4G model will launch on the 23rd August 2019
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G model will launch on the 20th Septmber 2019

Gift with purchase

Customers who pre-order before the 22nd of August will recieve a bonus pair of AKG Wireless Headphones (valued at $499)

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Pre-order


Total Min Cost $3000 (assuming 80Gb is the plan of choice) Smiley Surprised

The 5G model only costs $240 more (and comes with double the space) so probably will be the one to get.

Leaving aside the 5G capability (more of a funky feature than of much practical use over the next 24 months IMO) it seems hard to recommend over the almost equally excellent Note 9. But its quality hardware and no doubt will sell like hotcakes.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Pre-order


can i pre-order in optus store by new phone trade up?

Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Pre-order


Hey HellGater,

I can find out but in the meantime you can give your local Optus store a buzz and they'll let you know.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Pre-order


Why are Optus customers, who pre-order the Note10+ 5G, being forced to wait until September 20th for delivery of their phone?


Lookingound at stores selling that model, there appears to be no delay, with shipping for the 5G variant starting August 22/23.


If Optus is opening their Mobile 5G network around September 20, great, but why make customers wait?


Why can't they have their order shipped to them from the 22/23 August?


Also, will the AKG bonus headphones ship from Optus with the phone?




Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Pre-order


Because making a customer wait (30 days) creates a sensation of exclusivity and restraint and desire. 


Also because some other carrier probably paid millions for the exclusive rights to the 5G phone for a month.


FWIW 5G is unlikely to be of much effective use for another 2+ years in Australia. Existing 4G+ networks will likely be faster .


Yes Optus will ship the headphones to you.

Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Pre-order


Actually, I was referring to retailers, even Samsung themselves, who will ship the 5G model on the 22/23 August.

I don't believe the Note10+ 5G is exclusive to that other telco, like the S10 5G was/is.


I'm aware we have a long way to go with 5G in Australia, I guess I'm an early adopter when it comes to tech.

I also chose this model for my trips to Korea, which also use 5G band N78.


Thanks for the response though.




Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Pre-order


You got me. I actually have no idea why the delay in the 5G model launch and so my responce should perhaps be completely stricken. 


My only subsequent thought is that perhaps Optus are actually holding off on the 5G network launch until closer to that date (Sept 20) and want to have a combined promotion etc. 


Peter Gillespie

Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Pre-order


Yeah, I'm leaning towards that being the reason, though I still think it stinks.


If indeed that is the reason, then they should throw something extra in, since they're the reason for the customers delay.


Thanks for the info about the headset though, I wasn't sure if we'd have to redeem it through Samsung.



Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Pre-order


Thats great I paid for the more expensive phone X 2 and for that I get to wait at the back of the line. I originally thought that Samsung was releasing the 5G model later and accepted that. Today I also realised the 5G purchasers accros the board get it on or around 23/08. Just Optus customers are 2nd class. 

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