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New Contributor Zeflan
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Samsung Galaxy Buds Promotion

Hi, Just wondering if anyone has received the Samsung Galaxy Buds that was promoted if you preordered the S10, have been to the store where purchase was made and basicly told to wait till they arrived? Was thinking of not paying my monthly account as they have not complied with the contact that was signed with them in the first place, just wondering if anyone else is in same boat?
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Buds Promotion

I'd pay the amount due otherwise you'll just be hit with a $15 late payment fee.


FWIW Optus have fully complied with the contract you signed (have you read it?) They didn't undertake to supply you with the free earbuds, only alert you to the fact you would be elligible for a free redemption directly from Samsung). If you haven't got your ear buds then I would take that up with Samsung.


Peter Gillespie

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