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Hello everyone,,

Im happy with my note 8 but when it's time for an upgrade I don't know if I should get the 9 or the 10. I hate that they are getting rid of the headphone Jack in the 10 and the external storage. I'd rather not spend extra on the 10+ just for SD storage. I'm not a fan of the cloud.

I'm thinking the 9 will be my last note phone because I actually use the stylus. I don't want to go to Apple but I'm really starting to see no difference between the iPhone and Galaxy series and have considered switching.

Any thoughts and opinions are welcome.


Re: Samsung 9vs10+


Phones have ceased being innovative a while a go. Upgrades are essentially incrememental in nature. Your question is a bit like "I bought a new car two years ago, should I trade it in for the 2018 or 2019 model?" Not being judgemental but just trying to find an apt comparison.

The Note 8 to 9 is almost nothing changed. A Note 10 has some better specs but in day to day use its unlikely you'd notice much actual difference. And as you say you'd actually lose functionality you love (jack). From what I can see the only real improvement from the Note 8 is a better camera (something you don't mention as a factor). The Note 8 camera is great but 9 and 10 add more cameras to the mix. So if you like taking lots of phots then the 10 might be a good step up.

Not sure what you mean with the Apple comments, you say you don't want to go Apple but that with no difference you want to go Apple?

Personally in the abscence of an actual fault I'd suggest just enjoying a great piece of hardware like the Note 8. Grab a SIM only plan and save $2000 over the next 2-3 years. 


Peter Gillespie

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