SOS only but bill paid and area has coverage

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My phone is showing SOS only. number, *moderated*. I have done the following.

Turned the phone on andoff.

checked that may address has coverage, which it does. It is*moderated*

Checked that my bill is paid. It is due in 2 days and I have pre paid set up. I paid it early anyway just in case.


Please help. I hve a familly birthday party happening today and I need this phone to be working.



Re: SOS only but bill paid and area has coverage


Sorry we haven't been able to check this sooner for you, if you ever need immediate assistance, please jump into Live Chat. I've also removed your number and address from public view.


There does appear to be an outage in the area though I'm afraid. On the network status page, select the "outages" tab in the top right corner to see these. Notes on my end indicate this was resolved around 14:00 yesterday arvo.

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