SMS Blocked From AWS SNS



I make use of programatic SMS (Amazon Simple Notification Service) and when coding my program encountered an error and ratehr than the usual 1-2 SMS I receive from this number per day I was sent about 250 in the spate of 2 minutes.
After about 50 of these they stopped arriving at my phone and in the error logs of the AWS Simple Notification Service it shows an inability to deliver to my number. If I use another phone number its fine.

I have obviously caused some form of block on the Optus. I don't really want to have to call support as I can see myself being stuck on the phone for ever.

Does anyone have any tips on how to engage Optus and remove this block.


Re: SMS Blocked From AWS SNS


Hey @Baldacchino, this is quite a specific request that will need to be raised with our networks team. If you shoot me a private message with the number, your name and DOB, I will send it off and see what can be done here.

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