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SIM Activation when porting from a Southern Mobile


Hi there Optus.

I used the online activation process to Port my number from Southern Mobile to Optus Prepaid.

I recieved an email on Mon 11-Mar-19 9:02 PM with the following details Your Optus Prepaid activation is in progress.

It also has the following: Your new Prepaid service should be active within 15 minutes but can take up to 4 hours during busy periods. If you're keeping your number and moving from another service provider, activation may take up to 24 hours. 


We are now almost at Friday and I haven't heard anything from Optus as to if the activation process had failed or why it is taking so long to port the number acorss from an MVNO of Optus.

Unlike Testra, I wasn't able to find an Online 24x7 chat nor a number I can call to get this sorted. The contact section only directed me on to the actviation but no where to contact anyone or log an issue.

I have a SIM number and an Order Number, which were provided and the SIM Number match the physical SIM.


Little help please.





Re: SIM Activation when porting from a Southern Mobile


Do you google? Optus live chat shows up when I searched it so I don’t know how you couldn’t find it?


you can call on 133937.


Because you are transferring from an MVNO, it isn’t a simple port. It’s almost changing the service from Southerns account to your own. 


You are are better off calling then waiting for a rep here, as they can’t do much without billing and systems account access.

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Re: SIM Activation when porting from a Southern Mobile


Thanks  Jeneral_Pain appreciate the message and details.


Totally understand that you don't work for Optus.


I didn't Google this as from Optus' own web page is "The live chat " doesn't appear as a new customer I have made the assumption that it doesn't exist. Hence why I asked, where as with Telstra under contact us you can see 27x7 chat.

I did some further searching and it is burried within the "Something Else" on the web page honestly not great.


But once again thanks, about to ring lets see how long it takes to get this sorted.






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