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Hey all,


I got a virus from a text message representing themselves as Optus.

Let me explain more.


Earlier this week, I filled out an online form to network unlock my phone as I am switching providers. I got a text message from "Optus" earlier this afternoon. The message read "You have received an MMS from Optus. Read here:"


I thought this would be the unlock code, so I clicked on the link. Doing so installed an app on my phone called Optus MMS, but this was a virus, not an app. The app had the Vodafone icon (idk why though) and constantly popped up asking to be device administrator and get permissions like erase all data, change lock screen pattern and password, and set storage encryption.


There was no way I could get out of it. I restarted the phone and nothing changed. I did manage to get it uninstalled with some speedy actions, but looking back at my text messages, the app sent a text message to some random number with some sort of code. I am worried all my personal and banking details have been stolen.


I'm going to walk into my local Optus store after school tomorrow and see what's going on, but I'm worried I'll be forced to factory reset my phone. 


While this is a PSA to the Yes Crowd, it's also a question. What exactly is going on? How can I make sure I am safe? 


As I said, I'm going to head to my local Optus store tomorrow, but I felt the urgent need to post it here. Thank you.

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Honoured Contributor


Yeah that sounds a nasty. Thanks for bringing it up.


FWIW Its unlikely to be bank account details etc. IMO


I suspect the SMS was to sign you up for some international service (which might appear on your next bill)



Don't feel too bad about hitting the link. Many scams these days work by being sent to millions and then a few who are just waiting for a specific responce assume its legit. (You've been primed). 


You're probably ok with the app now deleted but a factory reset would be the only way to be sure.




Peter Gillespie