S9 plus 120 mobile plan double data gallery crashed


I just ported my number from voda to optus to avail of this doUble data and new phone (I was previously using iphone). I had the phone for just less than a month though the camera and battery is way more better compared to iPhone the gallery and camera crashes on this samsung s9 plus really annoys me. I have deleted the cache, reboot the phone, restart and still nothing has changed. Every after taking a photo the picture will not automatically show up on the gallery, when you open gallery it will show all grey photos with borders and sometimes when opening gallery it just crash straight away. I have read some threads that they have encountered same issues too and nothing has been fixed. Now what I’m thinking would it be possible if I swap this s9 plus and get an iPhone with the same payment plan? I would be happy to go back to iPhone if this issues continues. 

Re: S9 plus 120 mobile plan double data gallery crashed


This sounds more like a software issue than a hardware one. 


Optus won't swap over phones but if the issue is enough to classify as major (you wouldn't have bought the phone had you known of the problem) then you could end your contract and return the phone to Optus without penalty in theory.


I say in theory as statutory rights are a bit grey and where the issue is not simply that they phone is busted companies might just say no. I would suggest that the issue does sound like it will be fixed with a future Samsung firmware update.


Alternatively sell the phone on eBay and buy a different phone that you want. You can just put your current SIM in the new phone.




Peter Gillespie

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