S9 doesnt always ring


My S9 doesnt always ring when someone calls me and goes straight to voice mail, this doesnt always happen but has been increasing over time. I have to restart my phone before a call comes through. All my volumes are up and once the phone has been restarted I can receive calls but every so often I cant and only know if either there is a voicemail message or if someone contacts me via WhatsApp or text message. Also when I make outgoing calls I cant hear anyone on my speaker and have to put my phone on loud speaker with every call. Can someone advise please 


Re: S9 doesnt always ring


This would indicate to me that your S9 has become faulty. Rebooting it clearly solves the problem albeit temporarily.


My suggestion would be:

- Put your SIM in another device, does problem clear?

 > Yes, phone is faulty

 > No, further testing to be done.


- If further testing:

> Is it one location or all locations?

> Is it specific time/day?

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