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New Contributor

Rw:)cancellation fee

Re:)Just a heads up that we don't have visibility of or access to customer accounts here on our Yes Crowd public forum.

I'm sure your payment was received however did you contact Optus to request to cancel your service? If not, your billing would still be continuing. You would also receive an additional charge for the service charges for the period of the month the service was still active.

Thank you for replying to me.
I have requested cancellation on my phone.The staff told me that my contract was over on February 26. I was relieved to hear that a cancellation fee was received. Thank you.
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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Rw:)cancellation fee

You're welcome. Assuming you paid the cancellation fee the same way as you normally paid your bills it would have been received, just a note that this is not confirmation, we don't have visibility of customer accounts here on this public forum.

You'll get confirmation when the final bill is issued.

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