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New Contributor MandyChiu
New Contributor

Return from auto recharge

I received the sms message (18/07/18 19:42) it said it will auto recharge in 48 hours. I waited it until 23:00 tonight. It doesn’t work. I just recharge by myself. Then it’s auto recharge at 23:30. I don’t know it’s came so late. Can I please have refund from second time recharge?

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Return from auto recharge

Ah, I'm sorry we couldn't get to this one sooner @MandyChiu.


What sort of recharge frequency had you set on your end?


Q. When and what time will AutoRecharge occur?


A. Frequency AutoRecharges will occur between 11pm and midnight (AEST).

This is to give the customer the maximum amount of time to use their previous recharge, whilst still allowing rollover to occur on eligible plans.


In terms of a refund, we're happy to discuss some options with you. We could always go in and credit the service towards next month's recharge?

Send your details through to Dan PM

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