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Help!!! I've been trying to get Optus customer service to remove my listing off white pages. Despite the many many many live chatting & phone calls the listing remains. I keep receiving nuisance calls every week because of the listing. Can someone help. Pls. Optus customer service doesn't care about this so I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to have it removed. 

Re: Removing a listing from White Pages

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Apparently you can do this via the My Account portal. The link below shows the steps to do this for fixed and mobile phones. I also noticed a link to the do not call register at the bottom of that page (I didn't know you could add mobile phones) and it might be worth adding your mobile to that as well.

Re: Removing a listing from White Pages

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Optus can't (won't) remove the listing from the white pages. The only way to do that is to pay for a silent number. I've always felt it reprehensible that the Telco's create a list of phone numbers then effectively extort money from you if you don't want to be on that list - can you think of any other industry where that approach is even legal?  Apparently this practice has finally has changed (at Optus at least)


Silent number will do what you want but it might not actually solve your call issue. Unless different people are all finding your number online and ringing it for some reason then the fact it is no longer listed will probably not stop any calls? 


You could also consider getting a new phone number (annoying as that is, its free and easy to do)


Failing that you can block numbers in the settings of most phones, but that only works for the same number and when it is sent buy the caller.




Peter Gillespie


Edit: Just read the link provided above - I stand corrected (about the ability to unlist the number for free). I think you might still get calls though as mentioned.

Re: Removing a listing from White Pages


Something else to consider...

Even if Optus does change your number to silent / unlisted today, that will only make a different moving forward.

Any physical phone-books will still have your number printed.

Any websites that source from Sensis will still display your number, until they update it (could be every 3 months, could be every 6, or even yearly).


It's entirely possible your number is unlisted as of now, but that won't magically remove it from everywhere it's already listed.


Have you considered signing up for the Do Not Call Register?

Re: Removing a listing from White Pages


The link provided is useless

all it states is that you can view in my account whether your number is listed or unlisted

but after searching all day & spending 1/2hr on the useless Optus live chat, I still can’t see WHERE I’m the my account to view or change this info 

Re: Removing a listing from White Pages


I can make the change for you @Kbella.


I'm not entirely sure how long it takes for the number to be removed from the online White pages directory, but we can get the ball rolling from our end.


Can I get you to send us a private message? We'll need your full name, DOB and the number you'd like to delist. 


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