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Called Optus to recontract from an existing plan to a higher plan but have been told it's not possible.

I thought going to a higher plan would be allowed as essentially it's more money for optus  on a monthly basis. But nope.

In store once been told it should be possible but I'll be paying whatever my current monthly handset repayments are. I've been told I won't get the promotional bonus data and the current promotion of free netflix for 12 months on their postpaid plans.


I'm new to optus and it's only been 3 months or so since I signed up for a 24 month contract $85 My Plan Plus.

 I want to go to $105 plan wick has 200gb data and free netflix etc

 Could anyone tell me if this is possible?


Re: Recontracting


When you choose a plan you select a plan 'family'. Essentially the same plan but with different data amounts available. You can switch within the plan family. But if you suddenly see a better plan special you can't just jump to that one just because it costs a bit more. Check the CIS for your plan.


Note Handset repayments are always seperate from any plan changes. 


Peter Gillespie


Re: Recontracting


Hello Peter

Thank you for your response. I understand what you're saying. I guess my original question was not the right one. 


The reason I started looking at plans again having already signed up to a 24 month contract recently was that i decoded I needed more data. I came across the current promotions then and thought it'll be nice if I could get them as well as additional data if I move to a higher plan.


So,  the basic need is just more data. I am looking at the same family of plans I think:

I'm on 85 My Plan Plus postpaid plan plus $10 handset repayment. 

I want too move to the next plan up which is $105, but noticed the one above that outs $125 but is discounted now to 106.25. 


In store I've been told it's possible but won't get any promotional offers such as free netflix nor the bonus data on offer. Which is what you're saying I think.

I called Optus sales amid they put me through to billing who once again put me through to sales and all three times I had to give my number and identify myself. On the end they said it's not possible as I haven't yet completed 6 months of contract. In any case they said I'll have too pay off my handset in full as well which will be costly and not something I want.  


Can I or can I not go to a higher My Plan Plus contract to get more data? It's the same "family" of My Plan Plus plans.

The online tool said I'm already on the highest plan possible and didn't give me any other plans to move to as an option. 


Re: Recontracting


Hi @AnandB (HNY)


This is where Optus just seems to shoot itself in the foot with conflicting (and IMO wrong) information.


NB I wasn't saying you lose Netflix etc. Just that when you move to another plan it has to be convered by the same base CIS contract structure. I believe this is your CIS and any plan you move to needs to have the same heading at the top My Plan Plus – 24 months (Sept 2018 Promo). The other requirement is it must be a larger amount of data. 


Looking at the current suite of mobile plans on offer it seems they are all of the same family  My Plan Plus – 24 months (Sept 2018 Promo).  Given what you have been told I'm suspection you are in the family My Plan Plus. Unfortunately Optus doesn't seem able to supply the CIS of My Plan Plus Smiley Indifferent (Only the Promo)


You'll note the CIS is quite clear:


Plan changes You can change your plan during your contract term provided you move to another My Plan Plus plan (excludes SIM Only) with a higher monthly access fee. If you change your plan during your contract term a fee may apply and any handset repayments will remain the same


So no need to pay the handset off in one go etc. So you just need to get it confirmed what CIS your contract is under - you can sometimes find it in the MYACCOUNT for the mobile account (Optus again not great at providing contractual information in a reliable manner) - If you have had the phone from before September 2018 though its likely you are not on the (Sept 2018 Promo) CIS.


As a side note Optus regularly seem to end up with bizarre sales like currently on offer that are actually more expensive than the existing offers. I'm yet to get a handle on them but suspect Optus is now enforcing the dropping of discounts and bonuses after the contract expires in 24 months (until recently it just rolled over exactly the same to Month to Month)




Peter Gillespie

Re: Recontracting


Just as you said I was allowed go to a higher plan. Not sure why it didn't work the first two times I called.  I guess they didn't have enough staff who knew what they were taking about during the holiday season. 


This tinge arou8 or was straight forward,... sort of,  .. I was told the rate plan change was done and I was inn three middle of asking a question about not wanting to be double bulked and could they make sure the new plan starts after the current billing cycle and the call disconnected.


No call back!


And I find the plan had changed straightaway. O have to wait and see how I'll be charged for the change. Coz my plans seem to have merged and I have data from both plans in total showing in my app. 


Anyway, thanks for your help

Re: Recontracting


Sounds like a win (if it sticks). Optus first bills after a change over are always crazy. Lets see how the dust settles.


Peter Gillespie

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