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Occasional Contributor

Recontracting... the Optus nightmare continues!!!!

I posted this epistle back in April to express my frustration at the fragmented, inconsistent and possibly misleading information made available by Optus after I recontracted on 23 March 2018. In a nutshell: some terms of the promotion for which I signed up didn't align with the contract documentation received moments after I signed on the dotted line; the free Sport service was suddenly $15/mo, the double data sign-on bonus had vanished just as quickly.


The wisdom of the (Yes) crowd suggested that these things take time to wend their way through Optus' systems, but they would eventually get there as originally promoted.


As my total monthly payment should have increased by $2 and I never hit the data ceiling of my previous contract, after three months I ceased showing interest in when this new contract might appear. To my astonishment, it finally showed up in my July bill (yup - four months, team!!). This bill included some credit details, but as the much-heralded new bill format made these no less impenetrable, I thought I'd wait for the next one to see what I'm actually getting and how much I'm paying for it.


But today I received a "50% data limit reached" SMS, which is unprecedented for the second week of the billing cycle in my 3+ years with Optus.


A quick check of my "new" contract document showed that my data allowance is now 2Gb, pooled with 1Gb from my wife's service for a monthly total of 3Gb. (It was previously 3+1 pooled.) 


Despite multiple verbal customer service assurances (and another in a barely intelligible email), I am now getting 3Gb, rather the 5Gb as promoted at the time of sale and for which I signed up.


On this basis, I expect that my next bill will also show that I'm being charged $15 for the lamentably laughable Optus Sport service.


If any Optus moderators are reading this, please note: I have no plans to waste further time and create unnecessary stress by trying to resolve this by phone with your service agents. I have no reason to believe they have better information or greater authority than on the previous occasions I have sought their assistance on this matter; to assume otherwise would simply reflect the triumph of optimism over evidence and experience.


I therefore intend submitting this matter as a complaint to the TIO next week, on the basis that Optus has failed to resolve it since 23 March 2018, despite engaging with its customer service apparatus on multiple occasions.


I would, however, strongly prefer - and warmly welcome - intervention by any moderator remotely interested in fair and reasonable outcomes for the customers who pay the salaries.


I apologise if this has the appearance of a threat - I'm just all optussed out and just want an end to all this incompetent nonsence. 

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Re: Recontracting... the Optus nightmare continues!!!!

Hey @mcbreakfast, sorry that this has been ongoing for so long 😕 Can you send through a private message when you get a chance verifying your details? We'll need this information again from you I'm sorry, given that it's been a while since we last spoke.


Just to clarify if the plan change only occurred this current billing cycle, the double data may not be applied until the second billing cycle, however we can take a look and escalate this with our marketing team to have the bonus data applied.

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Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Re: Recontracting... the Optus nightmare continues!!!!

Many thanks for your effective intervention, @Tano - I

received an 'order updated' message yesterday, followed by another one confirming my data pool was now the 5Gb I signed up for. 


Love yer work!