Re: Recently paid bill charged my card twice


@Leogatron - Disappointed you feel that way. You are more than welcome to send through your details via PM (full name, DOB and number) so we can transfer you back the funds. If there's anything we can give you a hand with feel free to get in touch with us.

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Re: Recently paid bill charged my card twice


Wow same thing happen to me tonight processed 1 transaction through my account got the receipt number and showed the amount. But then go into my bank account to see 2 transactions. I contact the bank they say optus has debited it twice so have to contact them. Contact chat only to be told yes it has done it twice so will need to wait then can ask for a refund. My question is if i authorise 1 payment you take that payment provide with a receipt  how can you then take another payment without my consent. This is fraud and i will be contacting the ombudsman and the police as i can provide them with the details clearing showing 1 payment approved and receipt provided and then a second transaction was done by optus with no authority and no receipt. Sneaky and fraudulent 


Re: Recently paid bill charged my card twice


So sorry this did happen @Kitagirl. We currently have our IT team investigating as to why this may have happened. If we have requested a refund for you already, the funds should be back in your account within 2 business days. 

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