Recently Joined Optus - lots of network lags


I recently joined optus  

however, when im at home i experience slow internet - 4G dropping out to 3G then to H++ then nothing 

never experience this on Telstra, My housesmates are with Vodafone no issues at all. 


another thing is that there's so many deadspots when you are on the train. 


dont think that this is an issue with the phone becuase if it is i should have expeirience it before. 

Anyone knows about process if i want to return or cancel my plan? 



Re: Recently Joined Optus - lots of network lags

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If your getting a low signal you will get lag. There have been many reports of poor reception on trains and a low signal would make it worse. I guess the only way to test if it's your phone is to try your sim in another handset. I did come across this link below that may be helpful should you wish to go down that path.


Edit: I should also say it might pay to check your local tower on the second link below as they may be doing work on it.

Re: Recently Joined Optus - lots of network lags




The try for 30 commitment doesn't explicetly state it, but there's an underlying suggestion you also have a phone through Optus. Could a mod confirm if custoemrs just on a network plan are alos elligible for this?


Peter Gillespie

Re: Recently Joined Optus - lots of network lags


Whilst the url suggests its the try for 30 days policy I think there is a different Yes Coverage Commitment (YCC) that basically points back to the same page. I do think that irrespective of what policies Optus may have they would be hard pushed to hold onto a customer that has poor reception. I think they would have even less reason to do so if the customer didn't purchase a handset through them. Interesting that the policy says 24 month plans and has no mention of 12 month plans. You might be onto something there Peter. Smiley Happy

Re: Recently Joined Optus - lots of network lags

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Hmm, I'll need to do a bit of research guys.

As you've already pointed out @petergdownload, there's no mention of BYO phone customers (who've signed up to our month-month or 12-month SIM only option). 


Based on my own assessment, I've personally organised a coverage release for those that have signed onto a BYO phone plan. 

- We'll still perform an in-depth coverage check, using the same criteria listed under - 

What mobile coverage issues can I claim under Optus Coverage Commitment?

- Once confirmed, I leave a note on the account with our findings and the offer to credit the last month + cancelation fees

- The customer ports their service out to a provider of their choosing 

- We proactively credit the cancellation fee and last month


Happy to ask for an official stance on this one. 



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