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Contributor Tom020

Receiving threats from debt collectors for an account which doesn't exist.

Hello all,
I have contacted Optus twice now regarding two separate debt collection companies who ARE legitimate companies, but are claiming I owe money which I do not owe.
Optus both times has said the only account I have with them, is my phone account, which is balanced fine, and always has been paid.
Optus advised me to simply ignore the threats, and mark it as spam because the account number these agencies are quoting does not even exist.

The two companies sending threats to my email address are : The probe group, and Commercial Credit Control.
These two companies are legitimate companies, but they are asking me to contact Optus to pay a bill which does not exist...
What gives?
The link they have on the email doesn't link to a phishing scam page, and it is directly linking to the official "Optus PayNow" page.

These companies are not going to be hassling optus clients to pay their optus bills unless optus is paying them to do so...
So why the heck is Optus paying these companies to email me for a bill which does not exist?

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Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

Re: Receiving threats from debt collectors for an account which doesn't exist.

There has to be some system or human error occuring somewhere because you're right, Optus pay companies just like these for legitimate purposes so they wouldn't waste money on an account that wasn't real. They shouldn't be telling you to ignore it either, I haven't done much research on this type of things but I'd be concerned about my credit rating if I were you.


Surely there has to be a way for you to dispute this with the company? If they can't substantiate the debt they surely aren't allowed to continue to harrass you? SOrry this isnt really much help I'm just writing my thoughts down. 

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Moderator Aman_B

Re: Receiving threats from debt collectors for an account which doesn't exist.

Hi @Tom020, really sorry for the inconvenience caused. We can certainly look for all the account you  ever had under your name but since we have already tried and nothing could be found, I'd recommend getting a reference number  from the collections that we can use to search your account. Please do let us know with the details and we can look into this. 

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