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Received offer through SMS after it expired



Apparently, it seems Optus spamming their own customer by sending offers through SMS when actually it has expired earlier.


Today (21/03/18) morning I have received an SMS from Optus stating...

'Dont missout your recharge park! you can still get double data if you SMS 'DOUBLE' to 111 by 18/03/18'.


Had a talk with customer care to check :). Great experience..and hilarious of course.. here is how it went..


Thank you for choosing Optus. Optus has a privacy policy, please let your consultant know if you would like
additional information.
Hi, you are now chatting with Felix T.
Felix T • 12:44 PM
Hi, this is Felix T, your Optus Sales consultant. How can I help?
You • 12:45 PM
Its hilarious when you send offers through SMS when after it has been expired. Is not it?
Felix T • 12:46 PM
Can I have Full name, DOB and Mobile number?
You • 12:46 PM
XXXXX, XXXXXX, 99/99/9999 [text altered]
Felix T • 12:47 PM
Thanks for your details . Let me check your account
You • 12:47 PM
I received an SMS today stating Double your data...which expired 0n 18/03/2018.. Hah
Felix T • 12:48 PM
I see that your are under prepaid, how about moving to post paid we have $40 sim plan with 30 GB data,
unlimited talk and text
You • 12:48 PM
Nops. I am a happy pre-paid customer
Felix T • 12:49 PM
Let me transfer this chat to service team, they can help you with this.
You • 12:49 PM
This interaction has been transferred
Felix T left the chat
Ritchie has joined th e chat
Ritchie • 12:49 PM
Hi, how may I help you
You • 12:50 PM
Please go though the earlier conversation
Ritchie • 12:51 PM
Allow me a minute, while I provide you with the information.
You • 12:51 PM
Please take your time..
Ritchie • 12:53 PM
Thank you 🙂
Ritchie • 12:53 PM
Thank you for your patience
Ritchie • 12:54 PM
Just to ensure I understand, do you want to stop the notification messages on your number, am I correct?
You • 12:55 PM
no, absolutely is not what intended. I wanted to say, why would I have the offers that already expired?
Ritchie • 12:55 PM
Well you could opt out not to use those offers, do you want to know about the new offers
You • 12:57 PM
I have received an offer today at 11am through and SMS that says I can double my data by sending DOUBLE to
111. Note it expired on 18/03/2018
Ritchie • 12:57 PM
Well I am sorry about the inconvenience caused.
Ritchie • 12:57 PM
Please fill the account details on the slider, that you will receive shortly in order for me to assist you better way.
You • 12:58 PM
Am i missing something?? Surely i wanted to opt the offer but it has expired..
You • 12:59 PM
Sorry i dont have my account number on me..
Ritchie • 01:00 PM
Well you can provide me with the First and Last name, Date of Birth and phone number, please.
Ritchie • 01:00 PM
Thank you 🙂
You • 01:00 PM
here is is once again
You • 01:00 PM
XXXXX, XXXXXX, 99/99/9999 [text altered]
Ritchie • 01:01 PM
Thank you for providing me the information,[Name removed].
You • 01:03 PM
You ther mate?
Ritchie • 01:04 PM
Ritchie • 01:04 PM
Allow me a 2-3 minutes while I check your account and provide you with the best solution.
Ritchie • 01:04 PM
Could you confirm me your address, please.
Ritchie • 01:04 PM
Thank you 🙂
You • 01:04 PM
[Address provided]
Ritchie • 01:05 PM
Thank you for providing me the information,
Ritchie • 01:07 PM
Well, from what I can see you are on My Prepaid Ultimate, am I correct?
You • 01:07 PM
Yes please..
You • 01:08 PM
Well, not sure about the plan name. But i am a happy pre-paid customer..
Ritchie • 01:09 PM
Well it is a nice plan, but I would still advice you to go in my prepaid ultimate plus.
You • 01:10 PM
As mentioned. I am a happy pre-paid customer..
Ritchie • 01:11 PM
Yes, even I am happy for you.
Ritchie • 01:11 PM
Is there anything else apart from this I can help you with ?
You • 01:11 PM
Ritchi. I guess I could explain why i am here. I just need double my data. I have done my part. i.e sent SMS to
111. Now i am waiting for the result.. simple..
Ritchie • 01:13 PM
Ritchie • 01:13 PM
Well there is a plan for 15Gb for $40
You • 01:14 PM
Ritchie. Its not that hard to understand.
Ritchie • 01:15 PM
Well are you inquiring about when the double data going to come?
You • 01:16 PM
Let me try to explain it once again.....Please read it carefully. I have received an offer on my mobile
saying...Dont missout your recharge park! you can still get double data if you SMS 'DOUBLE' to 111 by
Ritchie • 01:17 PM
I understand, could you confirm me when did you sent the sms
You • 01:17 PM
Today, after i received the SMS
Ritchie • 01:18 PM
Well I am sorry but it has already expired and you won't be getting the data
You • 01:18 PM
I know you going to reply today is 21st and the offer expired
Ritchie • 01:18 PM
Is there anything else apart from this I can help you with ?
You • 01:18 PM
But my argument was. If i received it late i am eligible to get it correct?
Ritchie • 01:19 PM
No you are not.
You • 01:19 PM
Why? please explain..
Ritchie • 01:20 PM
I am sorry but you won't be getting the data, as because 21st was the last date and you sent it on 21st it seems,
and normally it take 24 hours to get the activation, as there is no more time, it won't be updated on the account.
Ritchie • 01:20 PM
I hope that information, helps you in a better way 🙂
Ritchie • 01:20 PM
Is there anything else apart from this I can help you with ?
You • 01:21 PM
Sorry, the last date was 18/03/18 and I recived it on 21st i.e today..
Ritchie • 01:22 PM
Well I am sorry but I am afraid nothing cannot be done, however I can provide you with the Voice team number,
as I have limited access, I won't be able to help you out, I am sorry
Ritchie • 01:22 PM
Are we good to go ?
You • 01:23 PM
Before you go. Accept that Optus is spamming their customer by sending expired offer.
Ritchie • 01:24 PM
I am really sorry for the inconvenience.
Ritchie • 01:24 PM
1300555002 is the number Timing:- Monday to Friday 8am-Midnight Saturdays & Sundays 9am-Midnight
You • 01:24 PM
I have my answer saved.. Now please give me the voice number..
Ritchie • 01:24 PM
I hope that information, helps you in a better way 🙂


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Re: Received offer through SMS after it expired

Thanks for sharing this @Bassu, feedback definitely needs to be passed on in regards to this chat and issue with the SMS coming through late. Can you send me a private message with your number, name and DOB please? I'll make sure this is looked into.

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