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New Contributor Vezen
New Contributor

Re-contracting with a new number ported from another operator


I am currently on a 24 months lease plan ( Galzxy S9 +) with optus. I have completed my 15 months so far. I want to recontract for a 24 months plan with a new mobile device ( Note 10+). Butat the same time, I want to change my current mobile number. I have another prepaid number from another operator ( amysim) which I want to port to optus while recontracting to replace my current number and use as my primary number.


So My question is 


1. Can I port my Amysim prepaid number to optus while recontracting to use as my primary number?

2. Can I still keep the old ( my current) optus number as a prepaid number?


I woud really appriciate your suggestion and feedback.



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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Re-contracting with a new number ported from another operator

I suspect the answers are no. 


Optus no longer renew leased plans (as they represented very bad value)


You have a few options but it sounds like the one you want is just moving onto a normal 24 month contract where you get to own the phone at the end of the deal. Unfortunately Optus don't swap numbers associated with plans. You'd likely need to completely end your current contract (instead of the $99 upgrade) and just start a new one that ports in the number you want. At 15 months I don't think Optus will let you end the lease without penalty but you can ask if they would allow given you're signing up on a new plan. 


That said, all you can do is ask and they'll say yes or no, but I think the number switcheroo might be a deal breaker.


Peter Gillespie

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Re-contracting with a new number ported from another operator

I think Peter is on the money, your best hope Vezen when asking Optus would be via the Social Media team.

Please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with these details of your request.


I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community. This guide explains how everything works on here and you should also check out our Community Guidelines.

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