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Rant. General annoyance. Hope I feel better after this. . .

It's not the workers out there that deal with us customers everyday... Unless all workers have suffered a brain fart. (interesting - yes, probability - Zero.Obviously not all deals/ promos and offers are being taught to them from the higher ups. Now I have only had this conversation twice now thru live chat and it's frustrating to have to type it all out, they comprehend it differently and then you are trying to find another way to say the exact same thing. I'm annoyed. Put a memo out whenever the maker of offers makes a new one.. No matter how small. Fix up your system so that everyone can see the same thread and optus employees can read through previous conversations regarding that topic that stays relevant for 3 months or until the customer clicks something to say it has been dealt with. Get an email address or fix up mobile live chat... Something's can't be copied and paste and there is no other way to correspond without going into a store. And even then, have they been sufficiently trained to help? (This is not an attack on workers) I And in this day and age we want things done quick and efficiently. I'd personally sit down with a whole table of new people to brainstorm making your programs work better, implement them (in record time - not like nbn - took too long, too much hype, sucks) no, Optus with its new found look on life will be fast yet have foresight and knowledge to adapt with agility and grace (?) This therefore increases customer satisfaction which increases want to stay with optus, they are so happy that you the word of mouth is optus is amazing and everyone wants to be on the optus lines. I therefore increasing profit and turnover. Therefore making the CEO heaps of money, so much so that his jovial personality seeps down to all employees, making them happy in their jobs, so much that they dont even consider it “work".. Customers are loving the new vibe and buy more, spend more and resulting in the cycle to start again.

Make that happen 👆

It's science

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