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Occasional Contributor Ridgey
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Random overseas Callers

I keep getting random overseas callers who dail my mobile  but call stops ringing after 5 secs. Is this a scam ? How do I stop these numbers dialling my mobile ? Can these be barred ?

(eg. 038973298088 , +38973298080, +33825934013, 033825835047, +992601000948, +12505780200, +261337916161)

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Honoured Contributor
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Re: Random overseas Callers

Sounds like autodialers. If you answer the number is noted and you're either passed onto god knows (Scammers, sellers, religious zelots, political campaigns)


Unfortunately no easy way to block calls properly. The phones have a place in settings to block them but you'll usually still get a single ring and they'll go to voice mail (which is bad IMO as it registers as a connection to them). 


Peter Gillespie

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Crowd Champion Davelew
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Re: Random overseas Callers


If you have an Android phone and are prepared to block a country try this app - Mr Number-Block.

No experience of it myself but worth a try.



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