Proper avenues for potential feedback?


Is their any direct line of communication for contructive feedback anymore?


I mentioned to the sales rep on 133 937 i'd like to leave some and he transfered me through to customer enquiries where I was told their was no longer any department handling it directly but the operator would "pass it on". When pressed on who it would be passed onto it became pretty apparent the operator didn't actually know (and seemingly was just pandering to me to get me off the phone). I turned to Optus's social media account to try find out, no response.


If theirs a role or department that still handles and processes feedback (not all negative) i'd love to get in contact with them.






Re: Proper avenues for potential feedback?


I don't think they want any feedback, let alone from customers.


Re: Proper avenues for potential feedback?


Yeah that's the feeling i'm increasingly getting ...

Re: Proper avenues for potential feedback?


My team tag and report all feedback that comes through this forum so feel free to write it up, or send through a private message and I will action it accordingly. 

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