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Promises to re-credit an incorrect billing item not getting done

Hi, all back when Optus had two "account systems" on the go and prior to merging I opened a SIM only plan. So I was told upon opening by the staff member "your other existing accounts are on the new system and this new account is on the old system, but we will combine them later at no cost". So when I was able to combine them they charged me an upgrade fee of $108.65. After talking to about a dozen Optus team members (no exaggeration) and a definite promise to refund their error, this morning I absurdly received an overdue account notice AGAIN. If anyone has the time, have a read of the latest 2 Optus chats I have had in the past week grrrr, I am at my wit's end, but no one seems to give a stuff. I cannot wait until I have served my time and can find another provider that treats people as human beings.


Thank you for choosing Optus. Optus has a privacy policy, please let your consultant know if you would like additional information. Russel • 05:51 PM Hi, this is Russel from the Mobile Service Team, welcome to Optus LiveChat. You • 05:51 PM Hi Russel, I've just received my account and I've been charged an early upgrade fee in error! first time I new of any of this, could you please investigate it for me!! Russel • 05:52 PM Yes definitely, I will have a check on that. Russel • 05:52 PM I need to grab your account - may I have your phone number, full name and date of birth to confirm the account details please? 


Russel • 05:54 PM Thanks for the ddetails, You • 05:56 PM it's the $108 fee Russel • 05:57 PM I can see that your server has been upgraded so I'll transfer the chat to the right team. You • 05:57 PM okay You • 05:57 PM what is server upgrade? Tommy • 05:59 PM Hi ! You • 06:00 PM hi Tommy • 06:00 PM How are you doing today ? Tommy • 06:00 PM Let me have a check on th account You • 06:00 PM i'll be a lot better when this fee gets cancelled! haha yes good thanks Tommy • 06:02 PM Sorry to keep you waiting, I'll be right back with you. You • 06:02 PM k Tommy • 06:04 PM Sorry to keep you waiting, I'll be right back with you. Tommy • 06:05 PM I see that on the account You • 06:06 PM yes was a shock Tommy • 06:06 PM the bill Invoice No: 000003180920 You • 06:07 PM 4208846 on mine Tommy • 06:07 PM 0434417123 on $80 My Plan Plus : $93.00 You • 06:08 PM no 0432021560, what did they charge it on that one too!!!! I have been trying to cancel the $80 plan since 30 november and change to the $40 sim plan, same as my 0432021560 I did not request request this You • 06:08 PM before the plan actually ended though!!! You • 06:08 PM
I waited until the $80 plan had finished Tommy • 06:10 PM I see that the bill cycle date is on 27th of every month Tommy • 06:10 PM And may I ask you the bill invoice you want to have a check You • 06:11 PM 000004208846 Tommy • 06:13 PM I'll be right with you. Tommy • 06:13 PM Sorry to keep you waiting, I'll be right back with you. You • 06:13 PM ok Tommy • 06:15 PM Sorry to keep you waiting, I'll be right back with you. You • 06:15 PM I just noticed I also got an email saying there has been a change of ownership of my service? Tommy • 06:16 PM I see there is extra data usage of 4 gb data on the account Tommy • 06:16 PM for $40.00 You • 06:17 PM Are you looking at invoice 4208846? Tommy • 06:18 PM May I ask you the account number please on the bill You • 06:18 PM it says EARLY UPGRADE FEE $108 on 21 DEC!!! I didn't upgrade anything, I respectfully therefore ask this charge be removed please You • 06:18 PM ACCOUNT NUMBER 6211 2954 797 You • 06:19 PM Tax Invoice 000004208846Invoice No: Issue Date: 22 Dec 17 Optus Billing Services Pty. Ltd ABN 95 088 011 536 21 Nov 17 to 20 Dec 17 Invoice Period: ACCOUNT NUMBER 6211 2954 797 $108.65 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE 05 Jan 2018THIS BILL DUE DATE Your Recent Charges $108.65 22 Dec $40.32 22 Nov $42.20 22 Oct Your Last Bill Summary $40.32 Last Bill $40.32CRPayments and Adjustments Balance of last bill$0.00 This Bill $0.15 Account Charges Service Charges 0432021560 on $40 My Plan Plus 12M SIM $108.50 $108.65 (which includes GST of $9.88)Total for this bill Total Amount Due $108.65 Tommy • 06:19 PM Thank you , Kim You • 06:20 PM I certainly didn't upgrade anything Tommy • 06:20 PM I see that the invoice bill number will take 48 hours to reflect on the system Tommy • 06:20 PM Hence I will be able to view the bill on 24th Dec 2017 Tommy • 06:21 PM What best I will do is to take the commitment on the account Tommy • 06:21 PM And call you on 24th and educated the bill details You • 06:22 PM yes it is a stress to me and a ridiculous charge as it is still the same service I had when I signed up a few months ago 😞 Tommy • 06:22 PM I understand that , Kim Tommy • 06:23 PM I will take care of the account You • 06:23 PM sounds funny you guys can charge something on a bill but not see it yourselves but yes ok
Tommy • 06:23 PM I will call you on 24th You • 06:23 PM please as it is another day of stress over this Tommy • 06:23 PM Yes the bill will take 48 hours to reflect on our system .
and the bill get generated You • 06:24 PM do you want me to just email it to you now Tommy • 06:24 PM to the cx before 48 hours You • 06:24 PM you guys emailed it to me!!! Tommy • 06:25 PM Okay ! No worries ,
I just want know the best number to call you on 24th Dec 2017 You • 06:25 PM 0434417123 Tommy • 06:25 PM Thank you You • 06:26 PM if anything happens that you can't call can u ask someone else because truly I have been getting such bad service from Optus over the last few months I've really had it, Tommy • 06:26 PM Sure You • 06:26 PM thanks Tommy • 06:27 PM Once the commitment is taken on any account You • 06:27 PM hope you guys can turn it around i'm ready to run in the other direction and I am an extremely tolerant person majority of the time but my god i've been tested Tommy • 06:27 PM the commitment will reflect on our supervisors desk You • 06:28 PM thanks, hopefully you will find a lot of other notes on the system because i have contacted optus about 10 times the last couple of months over my accounts, then yesterday i get hit with roaming charges wile on a cruise You • 06:28 PM Optus gets more of my money than any other company with my 3 accounts





Thank you for choosing Optus. Optus has a privacy policy, please let your consultant know if you would like additional information. Ramson • 07:02 AM Hi, this is Ramson from the Mobile Service Team, welcome to Optus LiveChat. You • 07:03 AM hi i need to chat to someone in billing as a fee reversal has still not been applied to my account, I have phoned and chatted so many times to have this done and no one can do it, it's neverending, Marlon assured me all would be done but i'm still getting overdue notices Ramson • 07:04 AM Hi there. Ramson • 07:04 AM sure let me check the details and help you with.. Ramson • 07:04 AM please fill the details. You • 07:05 AM Hi KIM, Your Optus service(s) on account 62112954797 have been restricted as $108.65 remains unpaid. Please pay online here and we'll automatically restore your services without you needing to call. What happens if I don't pay? If we don't receive payment or contact from you, your services on this account and other Optus accounts listed in your name will be suspended. Please note, Contract payments including handset fees will also continue to be charged while your services remain restricted. Need extra time or some support? Need a hand with an extension or payment plan? Simply call 1300 308 839. If you're experiencing financial difficulties, we might be able to help. Find out more at If you have a customer service or network query, please contact us on 1300 300 937. Thanks, Your Optus Team Ready and waiting Contact Us Yes Crowd Privacy This email was sent by: Optus 1 Lyonpark Road Macquarie Park, NSW, 2113, Australia. If you are not the intended recipient and we've sent this email to you in error, please let us know here. THIS IS A SYSTEM GENERATED EMAIL. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE Ramson • 07:05 AM thank you for the details please allow me a moment to check and help you with. You • 07:06 AM yes please note how many times i have called to have this rectified, i'm at the end of my wits over it Ramson • 07:07 AM I am sorry to tell this, I have limited access to your account, but no worries i will transfer your chat to correct team they will be happy to help you with. You • 07:07 AM oh god i hope so Ramson • 07:07 AM please be online I'll connect to the team concerned. You • 07:07 AM months and months it's been going on, even stressed me over xmas, i am just about over optus if its not done this time This interaction has been transferred Ramson left the chat Amet has joined the chat Amet • 07:09 AM Hello! You • 07:09 AM
i'm keeping a record of this chat for the ombudsman but hope Arnet can be the one to sort it out of about 20 people in optus Amet • 07:09 AM Give me few minutes let me pull up your account., You • 07:10 AM Hi Arnet please please get someone to get this credit applied to my account today, someone press the right button and let me get on with my life, optus have acknowledged it is a billing error, someone please credit and close this account You • 07:10 AM i have three services with optus on the other account to remain Amet • 07:10 AM sure.. I can see the notes.. I will apply the credit of $108.65 and close the account. You • 07:12 AM o my god i hope this is real, thanks i think, any idea why no one else has been capable over the last 5 months, could you forward this to someone to show them the apalling length of time to get something done i have phoned, gone into store and chatted and kept most of the transcripts Arnet!!!!!!! You • 07:13 AM i have that many staff give me personal assurances that it will happen, then between there and the billing team it doesn't happen and they don't get back to me ever............ You • 07:13 AM then i have to start again Amet • 07:13 AM No worries, you are my customer and I will sort it for you and I have sorted it for you by applying the credit.. You • 07:14 AM thanks, would it be too much to ask to get an email to show the balance is paid?? Amet • 07:14 AM I can send you this chat would that be fine? You • 07:16 AM no i have a copy of that Amet i just press print, when you say you have applied the credit, is the balance zero now? or tomorrow? or does that mean you're giving the request to the billing team, and then it doesn't happen Amet • 07:18 AM I do understand your concern we are the billing team, so please do not worry, as it more than $100 my supervisor has to approve my credit so it will take 48 hours to show in your account as zero please do not worry I have also emailed my supervisor to approve my credit request on your account as soon as possible. You • 07:19 AM sorry i gotta ask, as i have been told this before and then it doesn't happen, i'm still not confident i don't even want to have to do this all again, will you send me an email in 48 hours from yourself?

Amet • 07:20 AM no worries, I will call you as soon as the credit is applied.. would that be fine? Amet • 07:20 AM May I have your phone number I will call you.. Amet • 07:21 AM as soon as my supervisor approves my credit.
Amet • 07:21 AM Would that be fine? You • 07:22 AM can u speak to the supervisor in person as well please, you can call me at my work if you're ringing through the day i will be there in 2 hours time it's 02xxxxxxxx 

Amet • 07:23 AM Sure..I will call you tomorrow would that be fine as it will take 24 hours for the credit to be processed. You • 07:23 AM and then will you follow through with the billing department to make sure it's applied to the account You • 07:24 AM Thanks Arnet, you are actually my last hope to ever deal with Optus again, after 30 something years, if you can't get this done then i'm done You • 07:24 AM too much time and stress these past months to be heard Amet • 07:24 AM We are the billing team so please do not worry I will take up your request as my personal concern and I will solve it for you.. Amet • 07:25 AM you are my customer and we are sorry for the hassle caused ealier. You • 07:25 AM oh okay, thanks it has been affecting my sleep lately and i have a long way to drive to work, so i'm very over it all You • 07:26 AM i told the last optus consultant i was taking it to the ombudsman and she said guaranteed i didn't have to, and she still didn't do it, there must be some accountability for all of these people, send my file upline and show them how things are not getting done please You • 07:27 AM It has made me so upset, i'm almost in tears today Amet • 07:27 AM I'll be right with you. You • 07:27 AM okay Arnet, have a good day Amet • 07:27 AM I do understand your concern please do not worry.. I will take care of it.. Amet • 07:28 AM you will be getting an call from me within 48 hours.. You • 07:28 AM okay gtg get ready for work Amet • 07:28 AM You're welcome! Hope I was helpful. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. It was great chatting with you. We are here all the day for you, so please feel free to contact us anytime for everything 🙂 Have a great day! Keep smiling ☺ Looking forward to hear from you