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I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had the same terrible experience as I have had with Optus' Travel Pack. I purchased the Travel Pack for a day on which I had to make business calls back to Australia but, when I returned to Australia, found that Optus set up the Travel Pack according to the date of the country I was in and not the date in Australia. I have spoken to a couple of Optus people who have struggled to explain this clearly. In particular, it is difficult to obtain an explanation of why it makes sense that I would have been covered if I had been travelling in New Zealand (two hours ahead of Australia) rather than Canada (behind Australia) - Optus shouldn't care which country I am travelling in unless the aim of this system is to find a way to maximise the number of days customers are required to purchase the Travel Pack for.

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Oddly enough I have read a similar complaint but I don't recall when it was or what the outcome was. I think I would be pushing for some form of compensation on that and support on the live chat link below might be the first place to start. Failing that you could always take the matter further if you wish and the second link below gives you information on how to do that.





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Thanks for your suggestion.


I have complained to three people at Optus. Two of them were highly officious and said that their system "could not be wrong" (I have this in writing from a live chat coversation).

I am interested in hearing from others about their experiences before I complain to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman about poor disclosure on the product.

Re: Problems with Optus Travel Pack


Hi @the_hudsons - thanks for reaching out. Not great to hear that your Travel Pack was set from the wrong date. We do apologise for your experience over Live Chat. When purchasing a Travel Pack, we do request that you use the dates of the country you're travelling to. More information around this can be found here → under 'How Do I Purchase a Travel Pack'. 


That being said, we're happy to take a look at the charges for you if you can send me a private message with your full name, date of birth, and account or service number (for privacy reasons). 

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