Prepaid to postpaid mission


Why is so difficult to move from prepaid to postpaid?

I was told that they cannot provide a time frame that could take up more than 15 days.

I am wondering if is not easier quicker porting to a new provider.

Unbelievable... I cannot believe that this is the service level from a large company.



Re: Prepaid to postpaid mission

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That doesn't sound right to me as I do recall doing this myself in a matter of minutes when speaking with support. I would try speaking with a different person and see what they say. Maybe try via the live chat below. I would probably ask sales not support.

Re: Prepaid to postpaid mission


I have tried to speak with 4 people already. They are hopeless and said they have a problem migrating from old system to new system... the prepaid is in the old system and postpaid must be in the new system.

But I only have the prepaid one for a month... so why they activate in the old system? Why they take that long to migrate?

The employees hopeless with their own system.



Re: Prepaid to postpaid mission



I was under the impression that we've completed the mobile service migration (there might be a few which are still pending). Our customer care & Sales team have been given the directive not to process any new sales or make any changes to an account that's still sitting on our old system. 

They've been advised to process all new sales in our new billing/servicing system. I'm really not sure why we've processed your prepaid service in our old system, that shouldn't have happened. 

The final migration was due to take place mid-week, that's now been deferred to a later date. 


Re: Prepaid to postpaid mission



This just reinforce my thinking that it is unacceptable for company like optus to not be able to do it in minutes, instead of weeks or even worse " don't know", no schedule.

Hopefully one day... this is what I am hearing.



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