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Prepaid sim card deals



I was going to buy the "$30 SIM Starter Kit" deal for $9 but just a little confused about the details...

1) Do I have to activate it before 7th March to get the 35GB for $9 for 28 days, or can I buy it for $9 now and activate it in a couple weeks and still get all the same perks?

2) Do I only have to pay $9 for the first 28 days, or do I have to pay another $30 to get all the data, minutes, and texts? Or is it $9 for the first 28days, then $30 for every recharge after that?


Thanks for any responses and help in advance!



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Re: Prepaid sim card deals

I agree its a bit tangly. Essentially the deal is added onto the standard $30 offer (which is detailed in the CIS).


So the $9 sale will get the SIM with the standard 10Gb of data and 28 days expiry.


Seperate to this is the bonus data options which apply to the first three rechages. It appears you can select any amount above $30 to get this bonus data and its bigger for bigger amounts (essentially 25Gb extra over the standard). It also rolls over if you have some left over.


If you stick to $30 a month then essentially for 115Gb between now and about the 15th of June. 


The only pit fall would seem to be that $30 is the minimum for a 28 day expiry. It sort of limits the scope to strech out recharges as you really have to use them all up in three straight months.


Peter Gillespie


PS Is post paid an option for you as it is much better value for new SIM only customers. For example the current deal 30Gb for $35 a month. So for a few dollars more you get the same data allowance but it goes on for 12 months instead of 4. Just be careful to manage your usage to not go over your monthly limit (Set warning on your phone if possible - android).