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Prepaid plan using tethering


I would like to how how can I use tethering in my iPhone 4 as I am a prepaid plan user.



Re: Prepaid plan using tethering


Hey Kevin,


We don't have Personal Hotspot available as an option on our Pre-Paid service.

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Re: Prepaid plan using tethering


How can you possibly justifiy this? We pay for our data. Why is up to you how many devices we use it on? Typical cowboy terms and conditions that Australians seem to roll over and accept. Pathetic excuse optus. Please get it sorted.

Re: Prepaid plan using tethering

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olthomas wrote:

How can you possibly justifiy this? We pay for our data. Why is up to you how many devices we use it on? Typical cowboy terms and conditions that Australians seem to roll over and accept. Pathetic excuse optus. Please get it sorted.

Well, if you think about it, as a pre-paid service they do not send a bill. The service can be recharged as is when they want. Now if someone was to tether the service and say go over there allocated limit they will be charged excess. According to the terms and conditions anything over the allocated limit on a prepaid service will be charged at $2 per MB. Now one of two things could happen in this instance:


  1. You could go over your usage and be left with a hefty bill that will need to be paid. So every time you recharge you will not get your $30, $40, $50 (or how ever much you recharge) credit you wish to recharge until the bill is paid. Obviously if that is the case you could move to another provider and not worry about the ammount owing or the phone number you have, if that happens, you could also be sent a bill with the amount owing. If it is not paid debt collectors may be called.
  2. Phone service suspended or cancelled.

In the case of tethering it will most defiantly with out a doubt use more data then a standard mobile phone service, even if you do monitor your data closely it takes roughly 24hrs for the data to be updated so in that time you may go over your limit, once again getting hit with a huge bill. 


In regards to it being justifiable over a Post-paid service the customer is billed each month, payment arrangements can be worked out with the customers. Essentially making it a more secure investment.


Optus have made a judgment call based on previous user statistics (I assume) to say that they are not allowing a non post-paid service to tether where they can deny such a thing. (They can really only do it with the iPhone as far as I know. It requires a bolt on service.) It may all so just be simply because they know it will come back and bite them in the bum if they allow it, simply putting it, a bad investment and there will be a negative gain for most customers. 


So I don't think optus will get it sorted unfortunately. That's just my opinion at least, considering I'm not an optus rep.





Re: Prepaid plan using tethering


Re: Prepaid plan using tethering


thedrewzter, I'm sure you could have phrased your opening sentence slightly more politley towards Loki, however, I definitely agree with you!!


Regardless of whether you are prepaid or postpaid, you've purchased a certain amount of data, so you should be able to use that data however you want, on your phone, on a PC via tethering or even on your tablet via tethering. There's nothing more amusing than tethering someone elses phone to my phone when they don't have an internet plan, reception or enough downloads.

The only difference between prepaid and postpaid should be what happens when you reach your limit:  prepaid stops working once you reach your cap whilst postpaid continues adding the costs to your bill (while keeping you clearly informed of the situation).


How that data is used within your perscribed amount should be your own choice.

Blocking tethering is rather disturbing and pretty uncool.

And this is coming from someone who has had a post-paid plan for his entire life.

Re: Prepaid plan using tethering


Hi Patrick


True, I could of just ticked off with Optus over it... I was assured by a rep prior to buying it that it wouldn’t cost me anything to tether by iPad to my iPhone and so bought the plan. What the rep failed to highlight was that that is because Optus bar that service on their prepaid SIM cards… not impressed!


As soon as the credit expires I'm leaving again NEVER to return and will be discouraging anyone I know from using the Optus "service" henceforth.

Re: Prepaid plan using tethering


I'm sorry, Loki, but I can't really buy your answer. I really don't see how Optus can justify not allowing tethering by saying that there's a problem with going over the data limit when they have pre-paid mobile Internet. The problems listed in your answer would be exactly the same, yet they still offer that service and that's made for computers with high internet usage.


It seems to me that it's just another way to gouge customers. I paid for the plan. I should be able to use that data any way I wish. I should not have to buy a plan for my phone and then one for mobile internet which I rarely use. 


Totally ridiculous and most annoying.

Re: Prepaid plan using tethering


HAH! Really gotta laugh at Optus 'No'.


Contacted Optus this afternoon. No, they don't allow me to tether my phone (with Woolworths prepaid 5G of data) to a tablet or computer as - so they claim - the data usage is too high.


If I want to use tethering I've got to go to one of their 'Social' plans.


Now here's the fun part. If I want a pre-paid that costs the same as my current pre-paid plan? I only get 500mb. That's right, folks. The data usage on a tablet or computer is greater, so they give you less. To get anywhere near the 5gig I get from the Woolworths plan, I have to spend $100 per month.


Same amount of data, just the fact that I want to be able to use some of that data on a tablet or computer is going to cost me well over 3 times as much.


Totally ridiculous.


The only thing I can think of is that while they give you the data, they obviously don't actually want you to use it.


Like I said, totally ridiculous.

Re: Prepaid plan using tethering


Yeah that sucks. Definitely feel sorry for you guys on prepaid!

Just out of interest, did you find any suitable resolution to this?

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