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New Contributor taymaishu
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Prepaid & number port activation time

So i've been waiting since yesterday evening to have my new service properly activate after doing so online. I'm porting over from TPG.

I've come to work today and tried calling Optus for an update on where it was at. Lovely lady on the other end of the phone said they couldn't do a thing without my SIM card number. Great. Don't have that as i've left it on the kitchen bench at home, so she refused to help.

I'm still waiting and just wanted to get an update on where the hell the order is up to?

Port details: TPG prepaid to Optus prepaid.

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Honoured Contributor

Re: Prepaid & number port activation time

Umm, you need your SIM card number. Its not a matter of refusing to help but that they can't. Suggest you wait until you get home and then contact Optus directly (Facebook, Livechat, etc.) - this is a public forum and no one can access your account.

Peter Gillespie
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