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New Contributor MCLilley44
New Contributor

Premium Text not delivered after charging my prepaid with $30

I just purchased a new Optus mobile phone and charged it with a $30 SIM. I tried to send a premium text but it would not deliver it. why is it not working? also how can I check what my assigned new mobile phone number is?

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Premium Text not delivered after charging my prepaid with $30

@MCLilley44, what sort of text did you try and send? For example, were you trying to enter a competition?

If you download the My Optus app, you'll be able to see your assigned number by tapping on the, "Service Tab" You'll also be able to go in and toggle on/off premium SMS services.

How to enable Premium SMS


1) Launch the My Optus app

2) Tap on the Service tab

3) Tap Service settings

4) Tap Notification and Services

5) Toggle Third Party Content on/off

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