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Premium SMS CustomersWant Out



With apologies for adding another post regarding Premium SMS.


Many people will have read the ABC articles which have been publshed over the last couple of days of how many customers have been 'scammed' into signing up for premium SMS services.   Interestingly it appears Telstra and Optus have been receiving the most complaints with Vodafone well down the list.  When these telcos were contacted by the ABC according to the articles they received no real explanation of how these customers unwittingly signed up for these services.


It is time for Optus, Telstra and other telcos to own up to their money making grab and ensure that customers have to opt in to paying for premium services and not, as in the case of Optus, automatically set then premium SMS limit at $200 per calendar month.


Please listen Optus to what your customers want.


Link to the latest ABC article:





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Re: Premium SMS CustomersWant Out

Hi @Davelew,  totally understand your concerns and really appreciate for taking out time to write us about this. As a service provider Optus is giving the freedom to customers to select or change their spend limit for Premium and this can be done from My account. Yes we understand that the spend limit could be at $0.00 but there are customers who use this service and also the access for this is required for popular TV shows that require voting (like Australia Got Talent). Please feel free to PM us → with your details and we can discuss this and also I can check your spend limit. 

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