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Possible scam calls

For the past few days, I've been getting calls on my non-Optus mobile claiming to be from Optus, that require me to press buttons in response to questions like "confirm you are xxxxx"


  1.  I don't have any active Optus services -althoug I used to
  2. My mobile plan is elswhere.
  3. the calls are from a private number
  4. The speaker is a robo-voice
  5. Pressing keypad buttons into an anonymous system could mean I'm agreeing to anything, or a precursor to further privacy attacks.

Has anyone else seen these?

Are they legitmate?

If so - very poorly thought out in the world of sneaky scam artists.  Not what I would have thought was good customer service or even sane - i.e. warn people about scams, then act just like one.


Thanks for any feedback


Yes, I already tried reporting this by phone to Optus, but there is no way to get any where on the 133937 number. Without an active account, I can't talk to Optus, apparently.


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Re: Possible scam calls

Its likely just a scam as you suggest.I'd say its unlikely you'd get signed up to anything with just a single ambiguous key press, but Optus and Telstra (among other Telcos) are being bought to account for just that with the Premium SMS scam that's been operating for years. (That scam has finally been closed down thankfully)


These days they'll use robo calls to ring random numbers and see which ones respond (key press, say hello, answer, etc.) Usually that will book you in for a follow up call from an actual scammer.


Peter Gillespie

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