Positive feedback about the sales team

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  I just wanna let you guys know the awesome customer service i have ever received from Optus in a long long time. Basically there was some issue with my phone plan, and also with the change of the ownership. I went into 3 stores in my city and non of them are able to solve the problem. weeks later i rang up the sales team and ask them about the issue I've been having lately, a guy name Angelo from the sales department picked up the phone and he was very patient with me and he is the only person that I have ever talked to that would actually listen to what the customer wants and trying to solve their problem as the best he can. I really enjoyed the phone call and while he was solving the problem he introduced me to the new phone plans about the iPhones that Optus is having atm. And the opinions that he has on different brand of phones. Also he was very very polite as well, he made sure he talks to me while he has to wait for the process to be finished, and he ended up solving the problem! Overall is was a reallly fun chat and an efficiency process, I would definiely put Optus at first on my next phone purchase. The guy really did his job right. And most importantly. He knows what he's doing, and HE DOES IT RIGHT!

Re: Positive feedback about the sales team


that's excellent to hear.  


Re: Positive feedback about the sales team


Hey SamLL - thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback about the experience you've had with Angelo. It's really great to hear that he went above and beyond to help you out, be polite and listen to your query. I'll make sure to pass this on to his team leader. 

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