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Online Community Manager

Porting your mobile number across to Optus? What you need to know.

The team on Yes Crowd want to ensure that your move to Optus goes ahead without a hitch. Here’s everything you need to know about porting your mobile number before making the switch to Optus. 

Important update: Pre-port verification 

We've recently introduced a new pre-port verification process. This is to protect you from unauthorised ports to and from Optus.

How does pre-port verification work? 

  1. You’ll receive a once-off verification code via SMS to the mobile number you wish to port
  2. Quote the code you've been sent and we'll begin the the porting process

Depending on the type of service you're porting, we'll also need you to:

If porting a Prepaid service to Optus
  • Provide us with a matching account name and date of birth. Typically, In this porting scenario,  we don’t require your account number, but in some instances, it may be requested
  • Confirm that you're the account holder of the service held with your current mobile provider. The details provided must match with the information you’ve supplied us with

If porting a Postpaid service to Optus

  • Ensure the name and date of birth on your existing mobile providers account matches with the information you’ve provided us with
  • Provide us with the correct account number. Make sure you’ve double check your account number. If the account number is incorrect, we'll be unable to process the port

    Remember: You can find your account number printed on your bill.

Optus porting time-frames

Your number will remain active with your existing provider until the port has been finalised.

Porting time-frames can vary from provider to provider. Normally, it takes between 15 minutes and 4 hours for the port to be finalised. Listed below are the typical porting time-frames and operating hours of our porting team:

  • Monday to Friday (8AM – 8PM AEST)
  • Saturday (10AM–6PM AEST)

Note: We do not port numbers on Sunday's or public holidays.

Troubleshooting your port to Optus

If we've been unable to process your port, it could be due to the following: 

  • The date of birth doesn't match with what's held on record with your existing provider
  • The account number you've provided us is incorrect
  • A port-in request has already been submitted to a different carrier 
  • The number you're attempting to port has been disconnected 

If you’re unsure, it’s best to reach out to your current provider to confirm that the information they have on record is accurate. We cannot port your number until we've confirmed that you're the owner of the service.


Q: What if I’ve ordered online, when will my number be transferred?

If you’ve placed an online order, we won’t initiate the port until you’ve signed off on your delivery. There can be a delay of one day. Your service will not be disconnected during this time. As soon as we receive confirmation that you’ve received your SIM & or handset, the porting process will begin within fifteen minutes - four hours.

Q: What if I’ve received my SIM & or handset and I’m still active with my old provider?

Message our Sales Support team. We’ll be able to confirm the status of your port-in.
Remember It can take up to 24 hours for the port to go through.

For ease of navigation, select Personal →  MobileTrack your order. We’ll then be able to confirm the status of your port-in. 

Q: What if I’ve lost service with my existing provider and my Optus SIM isn’t active?

Message us via the My Optus app and we'll try our best to help out. 

Q: What if I suspect that number number has been transferred without my permission?

You'll need to report the activity to the relevant authority and contact us immediately.