Porting taking more than 2 week..please help


Hi..I have submitted a porting request from Telstra to Optus for the past 2 weeks and afters spending hours with the Optus call centre I am still waiting.  The biggest problem is that they cannot cancel nor progress with the port with the reason being - "it's a technical issue!" And the IT team has been working on it forever!! I can't believe that Optus has such a terrible customer service and process. They keep giving me 24 - 48hrs window to resolve and I haven't recharged my Telstra. 


If any of you have faced a similar porting issue, do you know how long it took to resolve? I might have to recharge my Telstra to keep my service going otherwise. Optus team's 24 - 48hr window has been going on for 2 weeks now.



Re: Porting taking more than 2 week..please help


I understand that for you. I would request you to contact Optus customer service on live chat before 7:30 PM so that they can track the porting process and help you with the resolution. I am sure that they will find a solution of the inconvenience caused to you.


Re: Porting taking more than 2 week..please help


Hey S33, did you have a reference number from the IT team at all? Definitely furthest from what we want going there.

Re: Porting taking more than 2 week..please help


Hey JordanOptus - no ref #. They pulled up my details with my mobile number. Extremely frustrating! I keep getting these timeframes from different reps and the latest one was from Reno (live chat rep as suggested by Puneeth moderator) who said "I'll make sure it's fixed at 11pm and call you once its done." 

Its 6 hrs past that and no call and sim still not active with Optus. I am sending a complaint to the Ombudsman today. I have wasted close to 5hours on calls and chats.

Re: Porting taking more than 2 week..please help

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I have been waiting 5 days for my optus number to get ported to Kogan 

really annoyed have made multiple calls to Optus and Kogan with no luck


Re: Porting taking more than 2 week..please help


I’ve been waiting 4 months 4 WHOLE EARTH months to be ported from Virgin to Optus 

Countless hours on phone, transfers, hang ups, various stories aka lies, promises of call backs that NEVER HAPPEN

Today I made 10 phone calls lasting over 3 hrs in total and just had email saying I’ve been charged a change of number fee

So I’ve had no coverage, been billed since March (incorrectly I might add by an extra $52 pm on advertised price) now charging me for number change but still not ported

If you’re still connected with current provider id run back to them if I were you

Re: Porting taking more than 2 week..please help


@Annoyed666 Is your number still active with Optus? If so, Kogan should be able to follow up on this for you to get it completed on their end.


@MissingVirgin Is your number still active with Virgin? 4 months is an absurd amount of time to be waiting so I'm wondering what is stopping this from being completed.

It's likely the number fee has been charged automatically and needs to be removed.

Could the extra $52 be part of pro-rata billing on your first invoice?

I would need to see the account to provide further insights. Please feel free to send me a private message with your account number, full name and DOB so I can look into this for you.

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Re: Porting taking more than 2 week..please help


Yes it’s still active with Optus and Kogan says it’s a because of a backlog with Optus due to a porting outage 

Re: Porting taking more than 2 week..please help


Hi, In this case, Optus is in breach of contract. This means they have defaulted on their original promise to supply you with a product and have it operable within four hours. As they have not lived up to their end of the agreement, your contract is thus null and void.  It is not necessary to produce any payments to them as they have not honoured their side of the agreement. Look on the bright side - You have no service but you get a free mobile phone. Just unlock it and go with a more reliable provider.

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