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Hi, i was informed of a fee when porting my number to another company. Yet i was not aware i would be paying my entire monthly bill. I was informed i would be paying two dollars fifty for every day it was on until i ported the number. Yet i feel this termination fee is unreasonable. 

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Was there an early termination fee or you thought just a partial fee for the days you used until you ported.? What plan were you on as it's a bit difficult to comment not knowing the details.


Edit: or should I have asked when did your contract finish?

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I had to change ownership of my mobile phone to my girlfriend name before i could port my mobile phone number to vodafone. I was on a 65 dollar month plan. And i had finished paying off  my phone from a plan of two years in feburary this year. So it was all payed off. Yet i asked optus online whether i would be billed etc. Only told id pay the days of the month that i used. And it was wuoted at 2.50 a day. And now i have another whole 65 dollar bill when i just payed off the last one.

Re: Porting out of optus


What date was the port out completed and what dates have you been billed for?

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