Re: Porting number from Virgin (taking way to long and consultants giving different timeframes)


Thanks for the link, yes my service is not active for 10 days which is not good.

I think I am also going to use the link tomorrow at 10/11 esp thanks for that.


I think we should also contact ACCC and media on this. 



Re: Porting number from Virgin (taking way to long and consultants giving different timeframes)


Hi all, 


Those like myself (Virgin customers) waiting to be ported across to Optus and tried almost every avenue in trying to get ported online chat, phone calls etc with never-ending different stories on timelines and promises from multiple different agents. 


If you are still waiting to be ported for more than 2 days then Optus is already in breach with TIO C570:2009 MOBILE NUMBER PORTABILITY. Under the code, every service provider must complete their port 99% within 2 days. The code may mention this is only limited to and measured against the losing mobile provider, but being Virgin Mobile is owned by Optus, therefore, Optus is responsible with the porting process to ensure the port is completed within 2 days.


"Extract from the code.

The Code supports industry agreed service levels. These service levels require 90% of Ports to be completed in three hours and 99% completed within 2 days. These service levels establish the minimum level of performance by MNP participants and allow for variations in performance that may occur as a result of the entrance of a new party involved in MNP. Notwithstanding the minimum performance metric level, industry is committed to continuous improvement on systems availability and processes that will ensure that Porting performance continues to improve on these levels over time."


Which is why we have been hearing that porting will take 24 to 48 hours. Since they cannot say any timeframe for more than 48 hours. See link


Anyone that is waiting to be ported more than 2 days I would submit a complaint straight to TIO as per Rhino4 mentioned in his link. Here are some details on the TIO website in what compensation that you can ask for Here is an extract on what outcomes you might be able to achieve. 


Outcomes Transfer delays

If we think a provider contributed to a transfer delay, outcomes may include that provider:

  • explaining why a transfer cannot go ahead
  • taking any action required to complete the transfer
  • waiving or crediting extra charges the consumer may have incurred because of the delay.

If the losing provider is still charging the consumer during a transfer delay it may also be appropriate that the consumer is compensated by the provider responsible for the delay for the difference between the two providers’ rates.

When the delay has been lengthy it may be appropriate for the gaining provider to let the consumer cancel the transfer and exit the contract without exit fees.


People don't waste your time chasing Optus to port your number across if you have managed to get through you are lucky for the remaining people still waiting for more than 2 days start submitting the complaint to TIO


Re: Porting number from Virgin (taking way to long and consultants giving different timeframes)


Rhino4 and Sidrak, 


You guys are better off sending a complaint to TIO now than later and continue talking to Optus on the phone and in the chatroom at the same time. The TIO site says continue your talks to telecom at the same time while TIO reviews the complaint. 


I have already sent my to TIO sometimes enough is enough. I'm sick of carrying two phones and an Optus sim card with me to anticipate any further issues in having my phone out like Sidrak experience. 



Re: Porting number from Virgin (taking way to long and consultants giving different timeframes)


I'm in the same boat as you guys (going on 8 days now) and I can't believe that Optus, the second largest telecommunications company in Australia, can display such incompetence like this. Live chat is absolutely useless, countless times I've been told "up to 24 hours". But I feel you can't really blame them as it seems they're in the dark about these issues very much like their customers, too.


I've sent a PM in which I hope I can actually get mobile service before I hit double digits. This has left a horrible taste in my mouth and if I wasn't contractually obliged with Optus I would've left days ago. I am considering submitting a complaint to the Telecommunications Ombudsman if my issue is not resolved soon.

Re: Switching from Virgin to Optus


is it not possible to at least assign a temporary number to the sim card or is it either my old number or nothing at all? cause im not sure if i can go another week with no usable phone. 

Re: Switching from Virgin to Optus


Unfortunately you would be better off buying another SIM for temporary use (if you are desparate for Mobile coverage, that is). It's what I've had to do cause I don't think I could stand another week without any mobile service. 


Any updates on number porting limbo? This is just getting ridiculous now.

Re: Switching from Virgin to Optus


Haven't heard any update either on the porting issue whether if it has come to a halt or whether requests are being completed. I contacted Optus via chat this morning and literally have typed up a script for myself to copy and paste in the chat so I don't have to type anymore. Again being told my port will happen within 4 to 24 hours now? not the usual standard 24 to 48 hours. Is Optus changing up the timelines to try to keep me excited? 


Currently on day 7 with no updates on what is happening or when my port will be completed. I'm probably betting will reach double digits soon. Would be keen to hear if anyone actually made progress to have their number ported and how long they waited for? 

Re: Switching from Virgin to Optus

[ Edited ]

14th day:

Same here no update @dan told me an update will be provided before COB which is 11 PM, i ddint even get that last night.

Today tried calling OPtus, they just hang up 2 times while i am on hold.


Re: Switching from Virgin to Optus


Came across on Optus site about "Our Values" interesting I wonder how many of these areas they are hitting these values in our current situation?  hmmm. Oh yeh, I called Optus yesterday and they said they will call me back for an update because they can't access the system as it is down, again nothing today so far. Is Optus running Windows 3.1 to port our numbers or something?


Every agent I talk to seem to be so positive that they can, will, own, Yes Optus attitude can port us across but in reality, so far it's can't, won't, pass the buck,  No Optus silent treatment (being no proactive updates) and broken promises. 


Customer Focus

Treat each customer with dignity and respect; listen to, anticipate and satisfy their needs while simplifying their experience. 
Deliver quality products and services to sustain and grow value. 


Challenger Spirit

Embrace change and challenge the status quo. 

Continue to break new ground and innovate. 

Compete vigorously but fairly. 



Honour our commitments, be accountable and take responsibility for our actions. 
Treat everyone with dignity, fairness and respect.
Conduct business with the highest ethical standards.



Collaborate holistically across our teams, and the broader business.
Respect and value diversity and the contribution of every person.
Encourage open discussion.


Personal excellence

Take responsibility for our growth and development. Always seek feedback and aim for higher standards.
Recognise individual potential and contribution.
Maintain work and life harmony.

Re: Porting number from Virgin (taking way to long and consultants giving different timeframes)


so someone on the virgin facebook page which a bunch of people are also having this issue, and also having the same issue as me getting system error when logging in, and virgin replied saying the system error is not a known issue and will look in to it... i quickly rreplied to it saying how is it not known with the multiple people including myself posting on this page about this exact issue... they also said 


"With regard to your port request, it's not actually possible for us to "hold" or not release a number.... 

The only thing that would cause the port request to reject would be if both accounts (Optus/Virgin) aren't in the same name so if they are and you're having dramas you'll just need to chat to Optus again - unfortunately we can only help with numbers porting (not out)"


so thats the first i have heard of that. considering all i can think of is my name, address and date of birth, and saying that is the only thing that would reject a port request... i mean i moved house 4 years ago, been with virgin for much longer than that, but i changed that as soon as i moved. so no idea.

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