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Porting notification and billing

Hi...I ported two mobile (phone) services from Telstra back in May this year. I was assured the act of porting in itself was enough to notify Telstra to disconnect that service (it was all paid up and no devices involved etc). Since that point in time, one of two things happened; a) I paid an additional bill to Telstra by accident and b) they kept billing me right up to and including today.  Part of the issue I had with Telstra all along was their systems generally; it was impossible to access my account for anything. Could never work out why.  They're now suddenly aware they no longer provide me a service and are will to waive a small portion of the sum I 'owe' them. I, on the other hand, am seeking a refund to recoup any money I paid since the migration in May. Is there any way Optus can provide me proof that Telstra were formally notified (in a systems sort of way I guess) at the time? So, basically either I get a refund from Telstra or, if Optus did not properly notify Telstra, I'll seek a refund there. I'm not inclined to pay for two services when only one was provided. Any help anyone?  

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Re: Porting notification and billing

Hey there @alasana. It's not great to hear about this situation. In regards to having this followed up, you will need to be in touch with Telstra. We are unfortunately not able to provide any proof that we had notified Telstra about your number being ported. If your service is currently activated with us, then it would have been communicated. Apologies for the hassles this may cause.  

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