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Porting new Sim from virgin to Optus

Having some issues Porting from Virgin to Optus

I see many people in this thread have had the same issue, and hope someone can look into this for me (like they have done for others). 

I purchased my phone approximately 10 days ago. My phone has STILL not ported from virgin to optus (my old Virgin sim is still working). 

When I first purchased the phone - there was multiple issues. Somehow my first transaction was cancelled when in-putting it into the system (by the operator), so when it was re-put through, it then wouldn't let my order go through as I "already had an order (the cancelled one) in the system". This continued for well over 1 hour (MANY times I had to re-provide ID documents for scanning/input), and I think several accounts were made under my name (?), and I wonder if is having some impact on my current situation. 

Since then, my phone has not ported across at all. After the first 72 hours, I was told to wait another 48 hours (didn't work). I was concerned perhaps cause my old phone was in a different name, it may prevent the port. So I went and transferred my old phone account to MY name, though upon going back to the store the operator said it shouldn't have made any difference...

Which makes me wonder what is taking so long? Today I was told the system was "down" for 24 hours, but my phone should work by Monday. I questioned what impact 24 hours could possibly have had on the LAST 10 DAYS, but this observation didn't seem to get through...

Online chat told me to call Virgin....Virgin told me they have no control over this and to call Optus....I just hope I'm not expected to pay for my phone (more like sim-less camera) during this period.

Would like some help, 


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Re: Porting new Sim from virgin to Optus

Hi @W12 - not great to hear there's been delays with your port-in from Virgin. We do apologise for the runaround you've had so far. 


Can you please shoot me a private message with the following info so that we can check it out on our end:


Are you the primary account holder: Y/N
Full name: 
Date of birth: 
Service number:


Just so you're aware, our Porting team won't be open today (Sunday) should we need to get in contact with them, but we can certainly follow up first thing Monday morning if need be.

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